Our GEHO® range of pumps

GEHO® Crankshaft Driven Piston Diaphragm Pumps

Are you pumping extremely abrasive slurries and sludges of medium to high viscosity? What about extremely corrosive materials at high temperatures? Try a GEHO® crankshaft driven piston diaphragm pump.


Model ZPM

For high pressure pumping of abrasive and corrosive slurries


Model TZPM

Highly efficient pumping of abrasive mineral ores, tailings slurries and mine water


Model Heatbarrier

Specially designed for processing high temperature, acidic or caustic abrasive slurries

GEHO® Crankshaft Driven Piston Pumps

Do you need to pump slurries and sludges of moderate abrasivity, mild corrosivity and medium to high viscosity? GEHO® crankshaft driven piston pumps can handle up to 6mm particle size and up to 75% solids


Model ZPR

Economic pumping of low and moderately abrasive slurries


Model TZP

For high pressure/high head transportation of low and moderately abrasive slurries

GEHO® Hydraulic Driven Piston Pumps

Are you pumping extremely viscous slurries, sludges, paste or backfill with solids up to 90%? View our range of GEHO® hydraulic driven piston pumps.


Model DHC

Featuring cone valves for high reliability and low operational costs when pumping high-density materials 


Model DHT

Specially designed for pumping highly viscous organic and minerals slurries with particle sizes up to 100mm